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Return Policy

We are a business company that is focused on a good service. Everyday we offer you the best possible service for your satisfaction. If you changed your mind after paying for a certain service, we guarantee you 100% refund.

Our return policy is for the customers who have read our documentation or approached to us for a technical support.

If at all, the client changes his mind and decides that he doesn't need our service, the client has the rights to:

  • 100% money refund up to 1 day after payment.

  • 50% money refund after 1 day and up to 14 days from the payment day.

  • 25% refund within 14 days and up to 30 days from the date of payment.

We will make you a full refund if we are not starting the placement of your content in social services within 2 days after the payment.

Within 48 hours after payment, if you didn't add your RSS feed site, you can make a full money refund.

We hope we don't be in position ever to send you a full money refund. We strongly believe that our services will be beneficial to both of us. We always strive to make your internet experience more enjoyable and would do our best for it.

Our refund policy can be changed at anytime without prior notice. is a worldwide leader in online payment services